Dialog Box


Chelle Scully

1. What impact has NETs had on your life? 

The impact NETS has had, on my life is huge.  It has made me become more of a taker in life, rather than the giver I usually am.  Its virtually forced me to become dependant on others. My children have become clingy and at school they have become anxious. Councillors are helping to sort that out. I have had to quit my high powered job as a CPA and Financial Planner as having NETS as well as Diabetes Type 1, has made me a lot slower mentally and physically. 

2. What has been most helpful to you in your NET experience?

The most helpful to me in my NET cancer experience is the open mindedness of my family and close friends.  Their love and support is invaluable to me. Also, the Lawson Community Nurses, my specialist team and of course Kate and all of you at Unicorn Foundation. 

3. What advice would you give to a newly diagnosed patient?

The advice I would give to a newly diagnosed patient is:
1. Dont panic too much, as it causes stress which your body does not need.
2. Keep all communication lines open to all your medical team and your family. Ask the questions. 
3. Dont believe anything you read or you see on TV.  Check with Kate or your medical team.
4. Try to live your life as normal as possible and as much as you can.
5. Don't let cancer own you.  You own it.
6.  Live day by day.  If one day is dark, make the next day shine.
7.  We are still breathing.  Try to keep positive and mentally strong.  Our emotions are important to how we get through our journey.  Look for the stars as we sit in darkness.