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Patient Stories

Read more about the experiences of fellow NET patients and also check out our Patient Stories video on Youtube.

Tayla Barreau

On Monday the 19th March (my husband David’s birthday) we were in transit to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, after receiving a referral from our local GP. Our eldest daughter Tayla had an ultrasound, MRI and CAT scan just days before, all which detected a mass in her abdomen, this warranted further investigation by the hospital. Even more bizarre was the fact that she had found this lump herself. Read more.


Katie Golden

I am a 41 year old wife and mother of 2 young boys. Read more.



Chelle Scully

The impact NETs has had on my life is huge. It has made me beome more of a taker in life rather than the giver I usually am.  Read more.



Sally Marsden

Sally gives an insightful account of her NETs journey. Read more.


    Resh (1961 - 2017)

       Seventeen years ago our beautiful mum was diagnosed with an incurable auto immune disease        known as Scleroderma. Read more.   




Lesley Clarke

Obviously any cancer diagnosis has a HUGE impact on your life, but I haven't let it define my life. Read more.

      Mark Camilleri

     When I got diagnosed with NETs it literally flipped my world upside down.....Read more 


Rachel Burnett

NETs has totally changed my life. I was a bit of a gym junkie before and now have had to cancel my membership due to pain and fatigue. Read more.


Helene Goulding

Apart from the very obvious physical impact, the next biggest thing was the concern around how much time I would be away from work for appointments and surgeries. Read more.


Brydie Bucknall

Up until the 23 May 2013, I was your typical working woman juggling home life and a career as a Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Navy.  Read more.


Glenn Dempsey

My name is Glenn Dempsey and I am 43 years old from Brisbane. Read more.


Michelle Auer

Hi I’m Michelle and this is my MEN 1 journey. Read more.


Wayne Gatley

I was first diagnosed in 2004 after I had been seeing an osteopath.  She had fixed my back issues but on feeling around my stomach said things didn't feel right and suggested I get a CAT scan done.  When my GP called a few hours after my scan, my life changed forever... Read more.

Helen McDonald

My life changed forever on 1st November last year as a very fit, healthy and very active 51year old I sat on my lounge that Sunday evening with my husband Evan and my dogs after enjoying our evening meal to watch some television, however, within an hour I was superbly impersonating a Cyanide victim extracted from an Agatha Christie novel! Read more.


Rachel James

NETs has definitely changed my life. My advice for a newly diagnosed patient is "don't panic". The word cancer doesn't mean the end. Take time to breathe and talk to others in the same position to get a better idea of what lies ahead..... Read more.


Sharon Rickard

It's hard to explain how NETs has impacted my life although it definitely has.  It's changed me and it changed others around me too.  Read more.

Jan Tinkler

It's almost two years now since I was given the diagnosis of Neuroendocrine cancer and yes it has changed my life dramatically. Read more.

Lyn Balzer

Lyn has an amazing story to tell starting with the diagnosis of a large and aggressive NET through to today where she has been cleared of any detectable cancer in her body Read more

Suzanne Stewart

Hi my name is Suzanne Stewart, I am 48 years old, the mother of two children and live in Darwin. I have Metastatic Neuroendocrine Pancreatic Tumours (PNET’s). Read more.