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26 Jun 2019 at 12:00AM

CNSA Pre Congress Symposium

by Meredith Cummins, NSW Project Officer

On Thursday 20 June we held a Pre Congress Symposium -"Neuroendocrine Tumours - Not a Rare as You Think". It was an absolute pleasure to coordinate and facilitate this symposium with over 70 attendees. This included nurses from all around Australia and New Zealand and was supported by Novartis.

The presentations in the program were -

  • Dr Dev Kevat (Endocrinologist) - NETs and Hormonal Syndromes,
  • Dr David Chan (Medical Oncologist) - Carcinoid Heart Disease & current Clinical Trials
  • Dr Gabby Cehic (Medical Oncologist & Nuclear Medicine Specialist) - Carcinoid Crisis & an Overview of PRRT
  • Jane Brewin - (Patient) - her story
  • A/ Prof Paul James (Clinical Geneticist) - NETs and Genetics
  • Caley Schnaid (Dietician) Dietary Needs of NETs
  • Novartis - Injection techniques and eSHINE
  • Kate Wakelin (UF) - Treatment and Wellness Plan
  • Meredith Cummins (UF)- Unicorn Foundation update - what we are doing & PLANET Registry

The feedback has been wonderful from the attendees and much interest has been expressed in having more education provided in their workplaces (a project for me in the future).  Many have also signed up for the Healthcare Professionals Newletters.

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