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8 May 2019 at 12:00AM

INCA welcomes new members

It is with great pleasure as President of INCA (International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance) to welcome four new full members and one associate member. With this, INCA now stretches to 6 continents, expanding for the first time to South America and Africa, and covering a larger part of Europe. 

NET España, NET Italy, Victory NET Switzerland and Fundación ACIAPO from Argentina were accepted as Members and AZNETS from Kenya – as an Associate Member of INCA. 

At the heart of everything we do at INCA, is to strengthen the global voice of Neuroendocrine Cancer patients and advocates around the world. We are so proud of the work that goes into fulfilling this vision and welcoming new members is testament that we are on the right track.

By Simone Leyden (Unicorn Foundation CEO and President of INCA)

Category: Advocacy