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28 Feb 2019 at 12:00AM

NSW Ambulance Authorised Care Plans

We were very happy to see this initiative by the NSW Ambulance Service with the implementation of Ambulance Authorised Care plans. 

In the event of a patient needing urgent medical attention, NSW Ambulance Service has "Endorsed NSW Ambulance Authorised Care Plans" to refer to which are completed by a patient's Medical or Nurse Practitioner.

As some patients may benefit from care that is outside of the paramedic’s scope of practice, these Care Plans will provide clear and specific treatment direction from a patient’s treating Medical or Nurse Practitioner (within their scope of practice). The paramedics will then be able to provide individualised care relating to treatment or transport as required.

We hope that other states will soon follow this great procedure.

Click here for the link to Ambulance Service of NSW with full information on Care plans

Category: Advocacy