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30 Jan 2019 at 12:00AM

Global NET Leadership Workshop

First Global NET Leadership Workshop – November 29, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

For the first time President’s of each Neuroendocrine Society around the globe, were invited to join together at a meeting in Spain to discuss key topics from a global perspective. The first NET Leadership Workshop included representatives from; Asia Pacific (APNETs), China (CSNETS, CNETs), Australia/New Zealand/Canada (COMMNETs), Japan (JNETs), Patient Representative (INCA), North America (NANETs) and South America. Each were given the opportunity to present their organization, their function and achievements, which was a learning experience for all. What was clear, is that each organization and those involved are passionate about improving the lives of NET patients and that each face similar issues no matter their geographic location.

The goal of the meeting was to look at opportunities for sharing pathways and collaboration. Topics discussed and debated were; the ENETs Centre of Excellence model (could this go global?); joint forces for patient activities; research pathways; education activities and culminating in the idea of a World NET Summit in 2020. It was a fantastic meeting with everyone putting their energy behind greater collaboration and working with patients, with the first project to be worked on being “closing the information gap”. A project involving collation of patient information in multiple languages for access by patients and clinicians dealing with NETs is already underway. We look forward to more meetings like this and engaging our global community further.

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