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28 May 2018 at 12:00AM

Sydney Vital and STEaM Neuroendocrine Tumour Preceptorship

The program was divided up into 5 sessions –

= Session 1 - Recent updates in NETs (ENETs 2018)

= Session 2 - Radionuclide Therapies

= Session 3 - Patient Outcomes / Personalised Medicine

= Session 4 State of the Art Management of NETs

= Session 5 – Challenges in the Patient Management of NET

The day was a wonderful opportunity to network with the multidisciplinary team and to hear from International Specialists, Prof Kjell Oberg and Prof Jonathan Strosberg (via webcast).

In session 1 Prof Oberg discussed the NET test which is the circulating Neuroendocrine tumour signature which is currently being trialed in London, Milan and Turin. The accuracy is 93% and results are available within 8 hours. There were updates on genomic alterations, Terbium radionuclides for Theranostics and Immuno-oncology / oncolytic viruses.

The sessions which followed were A/Prof Nat Lenzo presented PRRT today including, new therapy, combination therapy, new WHO staging for G3 and Merkel Cell. Amos Hedt presented Copper Isotopes, the benefits of Copper 64 & 67, and Sartate radiopharmaceutical which has less decay and last longer. Prof Dale Bailey discussed developing tools for practicing informed theranostics which included Ga 67. Prof Eva Segelov highlighted the patient being the central in focus Integrated Patient and Multidiscipinary Care.

Dr John Leyden gave an overview of the patients experience which then led into A/Prof Nick Pavlakis updating on Control NETs, the process for NET Centres of Excellence, Dr Ben Lawrence and the use of Genomics. Other presentations were Medical Oncology managing NETs, the role of surgery and radiation oncology. The last session of the day included case studies with panel discussion and liver directed therapies.

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