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30 Apr 2018 at 12:00AM

Announcement of $2.5 million for research into low survival cancers

The Victorian Low Survival Cancers Alliance is a group of 11 organisations that are advocating to increase research funding for cancers with a five year survival rate of less than or equal to 30%. For some of these cancers, survival is as low as 6%. The Alliance formed in 2016, in which Unicorn Foundation was a founding member, wrote to the Victorian Health Minister and consulted clinicians and researchers working in this space and also made a submission in the Senate Inquiry - Funding for Research into Cancers with Low Survival Rates. 

We were so pleased to hear that the work by the alliance has resulted in “an announcement of $2.5 million from the Victorian Government and Cancer Council Victoria to investigate cancers in which less than 50% of patients survive at least five years past diagnosis.”

We look forward to further working with the Cancer Council on encouraging young researchers in this field.

Members of the alliance include:

Asbestos Council of Victoria

Asbestos wise

Bernie Banton

Brain Tumor Alliance

Isabella & Marcus Fund

Lung Foundation Australia

Leukemia Foundation

Pancare Foundation

Robert Connor Dawes

Unicorn Foundation

Read more detail from Cancer Council Victoria website here

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