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29 Mar 2018 at 12:00AM

ENETs/INCA Patient Symposium March 2018

ENETs/INCA Patient Symposium March 2018

A Joint Effort by NET Patient and Medical Leaders to Identify and Address Issues That Impede Optimal Care and Research

We are so grateful to the ENETs advisory board who for the second year supported the INCA/ENETs join patient symposium as part of the main scientific meeting. The number of participants was a significant increase on last year which indicated the importance of hearing from patients. The key areas covered were addressing the “patient information gap”, how can we improve the information that is being delivered to patients at time of diagnosis and throughout their treatment journey, how to improve access to treatments such as PRRT and how to involve patients in research from trial design to clinical trials. As so clearly put by Dr Ben Lawrence ‘….we would not design a treatment plan without consulting the patient, thus we should not design research without including the patient…..’

Speakers and panelists included:

Prof Martyn Caplin (Royal Free Hospital UK)

Simone Leyden (INCA President)

Ron Hollander (Past President of INCA)

Teodora Kolarova (Executive Director of INCA)

Kate Wakelin (NET Nurse Unicorn Foundation Aus)

Dr Ben Lawrence (Auckland NZ)

Josh Mailman (USA)

Cathy Bouvier (NET Patient Foundation UK)

For the full program please click here and we look forward to reporting back next year on how these issues have been addressed.

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