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28 Mar 2018 at 12:00AM

ENETS wrap up from Kate Wakelin

Read Kate's reflections of ENETS below......

Early in March I was privileged to attend the European Neuroendocrine Tumour Society annual conference in Barcelona, Spain.

What a wonderful opportunity to hear the latest updates and emerging thinking about NETs, from every corner of the globe!

Some highlights included:

  • An increasing focus on nutrition in NETs, particularly around the issues of vitamin deficiencies associated with carcinoid syndrome and somatostatin analogue usage. It was great to see one of our wonderful Australian NET dietitians, Erin Kennedy provide both an oral and poster presentation.
  • Learning about the usage of intra-arterial PRRT, delivered directly to the liver via a catheter fed through an artery.
  • Very positive results from NETTER1 trial, demonstrating sustained effectiveness of PRRT.
  • Nursing specific content related to the management of carcinoid heart disease and nutrition.
  • I was also honoured to present alongside our wonderful Simone Leyden at the patient symposium, highlighting some of our call data with a focus on unmet needs.

We have returned to Australia feeling inspired and energised, with much to do, knowing that we have many international friends working towards the same goals!


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