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27 Sep 2017 at 12:00AM

CAG Workshop 2017

At the recent ISP conference in Sydney, we took the opportunity to gather our Consumer Advisory Group (CAG) together for a face-to-face workshop. Our CAG are volunteers, drawn from across Australia, so it is a wonderful treat to all be in the same room and get everyone’s heads together to review and celebrate progress, and plan for the future.

Some of the highlights of the CAG’s work over the last year include contributions to several research projects, attendance at key health professional conferences, submissions to government including the Senate Inquiry into the Funding for Research into Cancers with Low Survival Rates, providing valuable feedback into the development of some exciting new patient resources (including our new Nutrition and Neuroendocrine Tumours booklet) and helping raise awareness through World NET Cancer Day.

Meeting face to face gave us a valuable opportunity to talk about areas of focus for the remainder of 2017 and 2018, including greater advocacy around the availability of medicines and treatments, and further contributions to research. 

We are so grateful to our CAG for their ongoing hard work and tireless passion. Through this group we achieve so much, and it is so encouraging to see so many of their projects coming to fruition. 

We look forward to seeing what the next 12 months hold for this fantastic group of volunteers!

Category: Advocacy