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29 May 2017 at 12:00AM

Fowles Winery Fundraiser

On Saturday 20th May, 2017 Fowles Wine hosted their inaugural Farm to Table Harvest Feast, including a charity auction for the Unicorn Foundation.  Guests were treated to a fabulous menu, featuring local delicacies and premium wines.

The auction was an exciting event with plenty of enthusiastic bidding and happy customers! Matt Fowles shared his own very personal story of losing his friend Kate Leyden to Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs), whilst NET Nurse Kate Wakelin shared a little about her role, and why there is such a need for funds to help people diagnosed with these uncommon cancers.

Items auctioned included a "Ladies who Shoot their Lunch" poster, signed by creators Matt and Lu Fowles, a fly fishing adventure with Charley May, a 570 point wine tasting pack, dinner and accommodation package at QT Hotel Melbourne and Sarti, and a handcrafted silver package from Nothing Jaded Jewellery and silver Unicorn Foundation bracelet.

Not to be limited by the listed items, auctioneer extraordinaire David Fowles then went on to ask for bids for a glass of wine, with several guests rising to the challenge! The auction raised close to $3,000 which was topped off by the passing around of a hat which raised another $580.  Unicorn Foundation is very grateful to Fowles Wine for their ongoing support and would also like to thank the many supporters and guests who made this day a huge success.


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