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19 Jan 2017 at 8:20AM

"Talking Health" with Dr Sally Cockburn on all things NET Cancer

On Sunday January 8, Simone Leyden (CEO and Co-founder) and Prof Rod Hicks (Peter Mac Cancer Centre) joined Dr Sally Cockburn on her popular segment "Talking Health" on 3AW Radio.

Although first daunted by the prospect of talking for two hours on air about NET Cancer, it seemed in the end there was not enough time!

Prof Rod Hicks did a great job explaining the detail of NETs and how and why they arise in the endocrine system. Reference to the similarities between neuroendocrine cells being like women in their ability to be good listeners, talk to each other, controlling their environment and organising things and to be good networkers, was a fantastic way to explain how the cells work and then how they can change and go to places they should not be and become tumors.

It was an invaluable opportunity to also speak about what the Unicorn Foundation's activities are, what our support services do and where you can get more information.

We are so grateful to Dr Sally Cockburn for recognising that this was an important topic and to help us raise awareness about NETs not only with the general public but also within her field of General Practitioners.

Please go to Dr Cockburn's "Talking Health" podcasts here (January 8) to listen to the segment. 

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