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Team Brydie In loving memory of our Brydie Bucknell (Bee)


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Brydie was a truly unique and passionate woman who worked tirelessly to raise awareness and funds for the Unicorn Foundation for research and for better access to treatments.

You know Brydie... and that smile - contagious. She one very brave and courageous loving mum, wife, sister, daughter, & friend.

Brydie is a hero to many.
Bee’s mental focus and the love she exuded was more powerful than any treatment she received. In true Brydie style she was grateful that she was going through this fight and not her boys.

Bee & her boys were supported by The Unicorn Foundation where she found other ‘special and rare’ NET patients just like her. “A journey shared makes it much more durable for me as well as my family."

If you’d like to help at this time, a donation to help the Unicorn Foundation to help continue to drive in her memory, we know she would love it!